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Institute for Student Health


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The ISH food program is called agriCULTUREish as a commitment to our belief in the need to emphasize and promote ‘culture’ within ‘agriculture.’ We help reconnect students to the earth and facilitate understanding of our relationship to soil and food. We emphasize food’s communal nature and encourage food that is grown, prepared and enjoyed together within a local community.  We inform and educate students, families and communities on the need to transition away from the industrial agri-business model, and work together to create local, organic, sustainable and healthy food. Our agri-CULTURE-ish program is realized through cooking, gardening and education.

ISH empowers people to make healthy choices by teaching students and their families how to prepare fresh and healthy meals. This program encourages the idea that healthy cooking and eating is practical and affordable by enhancing cooking instruction with budgeting and meal-planning skills.  Students learn to extend ingredients across several dishes through a hands-on role in the preparation and sampling of all recipes. ISH provides classes and demos in schools, community centers, and farmers’ markets that serve communities vulnerable to diet-related diseases.

ISH empowers participants to grow their own food by teaching students how to maintain an edible garden in any environment. Home gardens provide fresh healthy food, reduce food costs, and help people understand where their food comes from.  In addition to basic garden maintenance skills, ISH emphasizes the importance of adopting sustainable food production practices and gives students the tools and resources to do so. ISH facilitates garden development  in schools and communities that are disproportionately vulnerable to diet-related diseases.


We provide agri-CULTURE-ish lessons and workshops at schools, after-school programs, and community events.