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Institute for Student Health

CE3: ISH Outreach at International Rescue Committee San Diego City Heights Farmers’ Market

CE3: ISH Outreach at International Rescue Committee San Diego City Heights Farmers’ Market

ISH Community Engagement, Enhancement, and Education at the Farmers’ Market

In collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, ISH hosts a booth at the weekly City Heights Farmers’ Market to provide the community with nutrition education and information, seasonal recipes and samples based off the vendors’ products, eco-crafts for kids, and fun family fitness routines.

What’s going on at the ISH booth:

Plant Distribution

Distribute starter plants donated by Bonnie Plants and gardening guides to help communities grow their own produce and learn about the food cycle.

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Teach healthy cooking lessons and provide tastings using ingredients from the days market.

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Eco-craft and Upcycle

Teach easy, free crafts using upcycled materials.

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Share Healthy Living Resources

Distribute ISH, USDA, and California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom resources from recipes to fitness plans to help families adopt and stick to healthy habits.

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Community Outreach

Engage students and their families to talk about healthy living in their community. Collect surveys about market-goers health practices. Farmers’ market tours allow ISH to directly interact with members of the communities it serves, better assess their needs and resources, and identify opportunities to collaborate with community members and organizations.

The City Heights Farmers’ Market helps community members make healthy choices on any budget. The market accepts SNAP, WIC and EBT and is an inviting environment where families can enjoy mingling with their community and learning about healthy living while completing their food shopping. We are honored to be a part of such a fantastic endeavor.

See you there!

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