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Institute for Student Health


Farmers Market Tour 3

ce3 is our community engagement, education and enhancement program. ce3 provides a wide-range of community outreach and education projects that facilitate and encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle among individuals and communities. Our ce3 program is put into action at farmers’ markets, community and recreation centers, film and food festivals in locally-sourced and sustainably-sound restaurants, and grocery and convenience stores in vulnerable communities.

Farmers’ market tour
ISH attends local farmers’ markets that accept SNAP, WIC and EBT and provides a health information booth through which it distributes resources on nutrition and fitness, teaches free eco-craft lessons, conducts surveys on health practices, and presents cooking demonstrations featuring market produce. farmers’ market tours allow ISH to directly interact with the communities it serves, better assess their needs and resources, and identify opportunities to collaborate with community members and organizations.

Film & food festival
Partnering with socially conscious, locally-sourced and sustainably sound establishments, ISH hosts film & food festivals that focus on food, health and society. Bringing community leaders and stakeholders together, films are introduced with focus questions that allow for an open discussion on social issues presented and emotions invoked. A percentage of proceeds are then given to ISH to support its programs.

Food & Film San Diego

Community Events
Youth learn from everyone around them. In order to ensure that youth have the tools and support they need to make healthy food and fitness choices, it is important to ensure that adults have access to the information necessary to make healthy life choices. ISH is excited to participate regularly in community events to educate and inform community members how to eat healthier and be more active.