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The ISH Brings Food and Fitness to Casa Familiar’s 2011 Spring Youth Camps in San Ysidro

The ISH Brings Food and Fitness to Casa Familiar’s 2011 Spring Youth Camps in San Ysidro

Camps are a great way to keep kids entertained and learning during breaks from school.

What makes day camp even better?

Food and fitness!

The ISH partnered with Casa Familiar in San Ysidro, CA to provide a “Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyle” component to Casa Familiar’s 2011 Spring Youth Camps.

Students discussed the importance of physical activity and agreed that there are many ways to get exercise while having fun. The group then put learning into action by playing dodge ball and navigating through outdoor obstacle courses.

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All of that exercise builds up an appetite!

We discussed why our bodies need food and why it is important to choose healthy foods: empty calories in high-sugar foods don’t provide the long-lasting energy we need to get through the day, let alone a day full of heart-pumping play! Students applied their learning made healthy green smoothies for snack.

None of this of course would have been possible had it not have been for the generosity of Casa Familiar’s Executive Director in permitting ISH co-founder Roberto to shadow her throughout her workday in order to learn the various facets of running a non-profit and providing relevant services to the community.

After the camp, the ISH continued the partnership with Casa Familiar by hosting guest lectures at Casa’s Youth Volunteer and Youth Leadership Programs to teach incorporating agriculture and environmental stewardship lessons and activities in, respectively. Participants were given the knowledge and encouragement to create a garden that would serve Casa’s youth groups while fostering inter-generational experiences with Casa’s senior population.

Thanks Casa, it has been a pleasure working with you!

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