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ISH CHI Health Champions Service Learning Projects 2014

ISH CHI Health Champions Service Learning Projects 2014

We are so proud of our 2014 Health Champions. Since January, 95 students in grades 1-5 have been meeting weekly to prepare healthy recipes, maintain their school gardens, and learn fun fitness activities.

Not only did they build important cooking, gardening, and fitness skills that will help them lead a healthy lifestyle, they shared their learning with others through their Service Learning Projects!

Service Learning Projects are student-led initiatives to share what they learned with the larger community. The ISH is committed to service learning because students are more passionate about and proud of their accomplishments when they can share it, and the community benefits from the work students do in class.

Check out the great projects in 2014:

Powell Health Champions- Garden Tutorial Video

Students at Powell designed and made a video to teach new gardeners how to start a garden using seeds and starter plants.

Bancroft Health Champions- Online Healthy Cookbook

Students at Bancroft created a virtual cookbook at to share their favorite program recipes. Click on the image to check it out! Bancroft Website ISH CHI Health Champions Each page of the cookbook is decorated with original student artwork. Bancroft Health Champions ISH CHI 2014 Artwork

Truesdell Health Champions- Original Recipe and Video

Students at Truesdell created their own fruit salad recipe and made a video recipe.

Watch the video:

And enjoy the recipe:

Fruit Salad Recipe by ISH CHI Health Champions Truesdell














Jubilee Housing Health Champions- Build a Garden

Students in Jubilee Housing’s Early Start and Activity Zone Summer Camps worked hard to plant a vegetable and herb garden for their rooftop and a colorful pollinator garden for their courtyard. Great work!

How are you sharing healthy living practices with your community?

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