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The ISH Teaches “Cooking in Classrooms” Workshop at Rooting DC 2014 + Tips For Cooking With Kids

The ISH Teaches “Cooking in Classrooms” Workshop at Rooting DC 2014 + Tips For Cooking With Kids

This weekend we were happy to participate in the 7th Annual Rooting DC, a free all-day gardening forum hosted by DC Greens.

Our co-founder Natalie presented a Cooking in Classrooms” workshop which outlined different methods of teaching interactive cooking lessons to children with 100% participation and engagement.

Attending teachers, parents, and community workers came with a shared belief that cooking with kids is a great way to teach youth a life skill they need to make healthy choices. Plus, kids love it.

We agree! So we shared some techniques we use to organize lessons for maximum participation. We explained five smart cooking methods: demo lesson, one at a time, pass it around, one group at a time, multiple groups.

Participants tried one of the methods together while learning a kid-friendly recipe: green smoothies.

After we shared our tips for cooking with kids, we asked participants to share theirs:

Tips For Cooking in Classrooms

  • Explain the recipe and ingredients first.
  • Engage students in the menu planning and shopping process.
  • Match cooking to recent garden activities.
  • Be patient- not every family cooks together and some students may need more time to learn skills.
  • Plan every second, every step!
  • Only put out the supplies kids will need for a given step. Less is more!
  • Design lesson to keep everyone as occupied as possible.
  • Students will be excited! Use that to your advantage.
  • Small children love even the smallest task.
  • Be cognizant of who your students are. Some cannot handle walking about the room and need all ingredients set out on their table.

We want to thank all of the organizations and individuals who worked together to make Rooting DC happen and we look forward to connecting with the wonderful people we met.

You can view our presentation here or below and we invite you to share it with anyone teaching cooking in classrooms.

What are your tips for cooking with groups of kids?

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