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Bat Country

The Institute for Student Health’s Focused Immersion Training – ishfit – is its fitness program. Focused-immersion training is a way of concentrating all efforts on creating flow, a mental state that allows a person performing an activity to be fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus. We teach students, families and communities to achieve flow by aligning their emotions with learning and performing the task at hand. Our ishfit program is achieved through archery, dance, running and education.

Archery demands patience and full concentration. ishfit’s goal is to increase participants’ focus and awareness and develop greater self-confidence while building strength through archery. ISH provides free archery lessons to students from communities that lack access to archery instruction.

ish archery

Ballroom dance aligns the emotion of the music with the structure of the patterns.  Working with a partner teaches students to rely on others.  ishfit’s goal is to teach students full concentration, creative expression and trust through ballroom dance.  ishfit student dance programs are provided to students who traditionally lack access to affordable dance programs, and are supported by donations from ishfit adult dance lessons.

Running requires and demands will, determination and discipline. ishfit participants learn to increase their endurance and push limits by focusing on training the mind along with the body.  ishfit’s goal is to empower students to set and achieve goals through distance running.  ISH hosts 50K ultra “fun-racers” for adults during the summer that benefit a middle school running program in New York City organized by an ISH Board member .